Go ahead... Cake my Day...

So you might think that it's a little strange that I'm a fitness and nutrition enthusiast who bakes designer cakes, but alas, I do. Now, I don't sell these puppies. I make them for my kiddos and both my parents and my husbands mom. I love the look on everyone's face when the cakes are unveiled, and then after spending anywhere from 8 - 20 hours on a cake it is cut in a matter of minutes haha

So how did it all begin? When Kyler was turning 4 she asked for a Sofia the First cake. I was able to look up and pintrest what I wanted and to work I went. From there I kept refining my techniques, youtubing the heck out of what I would want to do and the rest is history. Here are a few of the cakes that I have done so far. To learn more about these cakes click HERE or click on an image to be taken directly to the post.