Our HomeSchool Mission Statement

Just as with our family mission statement, I think it's really important to have a homeschool mission statement. I mean heck, you're the principal, vice principal, guidance counselor, teacher, custodian, "the board" haha! A focus needs to be had otherwise, for me, it would all come unglued. When I sat down to write our mission statement I first thought about what I envisioned for our children. I then wrote out my ideas, Kody and I talked, and then I narrowed my focus. From there I came up with Bible quotes to match what our mission and vision is for our homeschool to refine our focus even more. Have I been perfect? Nope. But I am striving every day to help my children love and appreciate what they have here at home and embrace the beautiful gift of homeschooling.

Our day to day can be a bit hectic somedays with having 3 different age groups in the house. They definitely all play amazing together, which is beautiful, but some days can be challenging having an adventurous toddler umm "toddlering" around. It can be hard when Korie wants to play or when she get her hands on expo markers (ah!!) while I'm trying to help Kyler and answer her questions and Korbin is then ready to move on to his next activity. When I feel myself getting frustrated I usually sit at one of the kids' feet, hold their hands and we say a little prayer for patience and understanding while reflecting on our mission statement. It's worked so far!

Creating your own mission statement:

1. Think about why you decided to homeschool in the first place. What has drawn you to it

2. What do you envision on a day to day basis. Be realistic with your expectations

3. Write down your ideas and put them into a clear, well-thought out sentence to form your mission statement

4. What are key points of your homeschool that you want to make sure are with you on a day to day basis?

5. Are there certain Bible quotes that stand out to you? Can you apply them to your homeschool? Google education in the Bible

Check out our homeschool mission statement below by clicking on the picture

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