Soooo... Let me explain...

I used to be super into Beachbody where I led a team, made sales and incorporated it into my health and wellness business. Several years ago I let all of it go, shut it down and wanted to stream line myself and my life, for that matter. I was DONE with the whole MLM and even having my own all encompassing fitness and wellness company too.

Enter into the Great Covid Quarantine of 2020, and I tried Color Street. What is it? It's "dry" nail polish. That's right. Ya girl over here has been slapping on this amazing nail polish, and I absolutely love it. You see, I don't get my nails done, but I like having my piggies painted. This has been such a blessing for several reasons.

Here's WHY...

Before we started homeschooling, Kody had said and continues to say that I need something for myself. Well, doing my nails with Color Street has been it. I really enjoy picking out different colors, mix and matching styles and so forth. It's a lot of fun, and honestly, it's relaxing. It's WAY more relaxing than actually painting my nails, because there's no dry time, I don't have to worry about smudging and so forth. So, yes, it's relaxing, and I love it. It's become "my thing"... "my time".

With this being said, I have decided to become a stylist with them, but let me explain even more.

Am I looking to build a team and have this grand business and so forth. Honestly, no. I'm not. I just want to showcase a product that I'm liking right now and one that I've found good for my "mom time". I'd love to share it with you. If you'd like a sample, fill out your info below, and I'll mail you a sample of it to try. If you're ready to dive on in and check it out now click HERE

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