Would you agree that the health and fitness industry has become a mixed up, tangled blob of pills and potions? I'll say uh yeah. There is so much to navigate and sift through that often times it's terribly difficult to find your way around, and you really don't know who to believe or what to think. With over a decade of experience, I wanted to share with you my top picks for keeping and staying healthy no matter who you are. As always, feel free to Contact me with a question or comment. And please know that I do not receive any compensation for listing the following products at all. I'm just sharing what has worked for me over the years. :)

Shakeology is an awesome on-the-go meal replacement for times when you're in a pinch. I have used it as any one of my three meals for the day, and it's worked nicely, but I don't recommend drinking it just as your only meal for an extended period of time. Your body needs actual food to break down. :) Click HERE to learn more.

Retail Cost: $150 for 30 bag serving but it can be reduced when...

Club member: $120 for 30 bag serving or even lower

Coach Cost: $90 for 30 bag serving

If you don't like going to the gym, then the programs offered by Beachbody are amazing. They have something for everyone and the cool part is that you can sign up for free and receive tons of support. Their staff is ready and willing to answer questions and you get a free coach regardless of whether you get a program or not. There are varying levels of membership too, if and when you decide to purchase a program. Click HERE to head on over and check them out, if you feel like you need a little something new or if you don't want to leave the house to go to the gym.

My "go-to"s when it comes to training and racing!

Click on a picture to learn more

The Aromahead Institute is my "go-to" for educating myself more about essential oils, their properties and their purposes. It is also where I go to purchase essential oils through their partner Aeromatics International. This are very open about how they select the ingredients, the process of distillation and so forth, and they are super personable when they call. It's the only company that I trust when it comes to essential oils.

Click HERE to take FREE essential oil course and discover why I've been using this company and only this company for years. Click HERE to be taken to where I buy my oils.

This has been awesome for my sweaty, running skin. I use a lot of these products to make sure that I'm cleaning my skin properly, removing all dirt, and keeping it hydrated. I love all of these products and use them daily. Save 10% on your first purchase HERE!

These are the most comfortable running shorts ever. I love how they feel and fit. Fits to size too.

If you know me, you know I don't like wearing t-shirts or even tanks when I run. I feel like I'm suffocating. These crop tops are appropriate and fit great.

With how many miles I put on my little piggies my running shoes are everything. These are the exact ones that I have, and they've treated both my body and wallet really well!

Honey Stinger is my GO-TO for fuel during distance training days when I'm running 18+ miles. It doesn't cause upset stomach issues, it gives me the right amount of fuel and doesn't make me crash. I love it!

Yes, I drink pre-workout before all of my workouts. Amino Energy has the least amount of ingredients, it doesn't give me adverse side effects, and it doesn't make me feel jumpy. I use it for lifting, plyo and running days.

While I don't use a camelbak on race days, I do take it out with me when I know I'll be running distance and water isn't on the course. Kody also takes his when he's bike training too. It can hold your personal belongings too, fits great and doesn't break the bank either.

Your one stop shop for all race events around the country. Get ready to lace up those sneaks!

If triathlons are more of your speed, check out the race calendar here for all events.

Get your kiddos involved with racing as early as 3 years old! It is amazing what a supportive environment for fitness can do for a child. Our kids love doing triathlons because of both the parent support but also because they are in a great competitive environment testing themselves. It's a great experience! I highly encourage you to sign up your kids for at least 1.

I'm totally not trying to turn this into a beauty blog, but I had to share glossier and now stitch fix, because I first, don't like shopping, second, I'm not stylish and I need help haha, and third, I've been getting stitch fix now for over 1 year and I'm in love with everything that they send! Check it out! You won't be disappointed.